‘Sea-yonara’ to the Last Untouched Frontier of the Ocean


Nautilus Minerals is a firm believer of mining ocean floors to search for minerals, and as faith can get you places, it has been granted a concession to look for minerals off of Papua to 1600 meters deep.

Its newest gear comprises machines that can be operated remotely from control rooms within a ship residing on the ocean floor, connected to a central pump that pipes minerals upward.

The machine begins by deploying an auxiliary cutter atop the ocean floor which initiates seafloor excavation leading to a high production cutting, leading to ore production and recovery. Once this is achieved, the pumping mechanism to a subsea level begins, and then the subsea pump pipes it forward to the surface of the ocean and the minerals are brought to the dewatering plant, consequently offloading to the barge and bringing the minerals to shore.

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