Can A Shadow Be Different Than Its Source? In California It’s Happening And Passers-By Are Astonished


Peter Pan was used to ‘fight’ with his shadow that apparently had its own life. In California, instead, there is a place where shadows have weird shapes they shouldn’t have…and passers-by get astonished and confused by this unusual phenomenon.

We are in Redwood City and this is what’s happening in the city centre.

In the town located on the San Francisco Peninsula in Northern California’s Bay Area, objects along the road are different than any others elsewhere: their shadow has a different shape and looks like living characters.

Is it magic? It’s the “sidewalk art” of designer Damon Belanger who was asked, last year, to install 20 fake shadows in downtown and the project was completed in spring 2016. The aim? Bring more creativity to the city, and the result is amazing and funny at the same time. Just to mention some examples:

1. A Bench becomes a Cat.

cat shadow
Damon Belanger


2. Pillars become a Robot Band…

robot band shadow
Damon Belanger


3…or Smiling Flowers.

flowers shadow
Damon Belanger


4. A Parking Machine turns into a Monkey Sitting on a Column.

chimp shadow
Damon Belanger

5… or a Crazy Train.

train shadow
Damon Belanger


6. A Mail Box turns into a Monster with Sharp Teeth.

monster shadow
Damon Belanger

Other artworks can be seen on the artist Instagram profile.

This shadow art is a collaboration between the Redwood City Improvement Association, the Parks & Arts Foundation and ARTS RWC. If you are around, take the occasion to stop by and shoot some photos. Your witness – and point of view – are important.


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