This Cat Has A Permanent Grumpy Face. Her Name Is Shamo And Lives In Japan

angry cat shamo

Do you like animals and cats? Why do people love the little felines? Would you pet one if it was the most angry in the world? But does a grumpy cat really exist? Let’s discover it together by reading the story of Shamo, the Japanese cat whose personality goes beyond her appearance.

Let’s have some background. According to Speeli people like cats for these main reasons:

  • they are like the owner;
  • they are quite;
  • they do random and unexpected things (which is very amusing);
  • they are funny;
  • they are cute;
  • they are safer and might not cause much trouble;
  • they don’t require to go out often, walk and socialise with other cat owners;
  • they have complex personalities (and very expressive faces).

Going deeper into the last point, what would you think if your cat has an angry look? Would you still love it? Maybe anger is just humans stuff and cats don’t really express it in the same way we do, isn’t it?

always angry cat shamo

Today we try to reply to this question by telling the story of Shamo, the feline who looks like the world’s most angry cat ever seen. But is that real? Is there something else beyond her look?

Shamo is an adult cat and was saved by Rencontrer Mignon, an animal rescue group in Tokyo, from a city animal care centre, waiting – and hoping – to find a family soon and a better lovely life. But is her look helping on this?

People who see Shamo in pictures (or in person) can immediately recognise a permanent grumpy expression, a pouting face, a distrustful look. If the cat was human, it would surely be like that, and maybe that’s why she’s still in shelter, after a year.

But despite the appearance, the shelter owner declares Shamo is actually sweet and docile, and loves to cuddle – isn’t that one of the main reasons we adopt a cat?

always angry cat shamo relax

Although she might look like ‘a warrior’ ready to attack at any time, Shamo, like any cats, loves to sleep, be brushed, try the pillows and all the other soft things around.

Even though Shamo looks sceptical 24/7, she likes the human companionship and sleeping with her human friend.

Is her face really the expression of her heart (and soul -Ed.)? Make your opinion by discovering more on her Twitter profile, full of photos and videos that will help you go beyond the appearance and catch the true nature of Shamo.


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