Extraordinary Images Of A Shark ‘Wrapped’ Entirely In A Shoal Caught On Camera In Coral Bay, Australia

shark surrounded fish
David Palfrey

Ningaloo Reef, Australia, the best place in the world where you can swim with sharks. In one of the longest fringing coral reefs in the world, the underwater photographer David Palfrey caught on camera stunning images of a shark completely surrounded by a shoal and published a video on his Instagram profile.

According to the photographer, the Ningaloo Reef, offshore Coral Bay, never fails to impress.

“If you can’t eat them, join them.”

That’s how the Welsh photographer David Palfrey commented his mesmerising video.

shark wrapped shoal
David Palfrey

You can see a shark, probably with her babies, slightly approaching a shoal and starting to literally immerse in a ‘cloud of fish’. It gets totally ‘wrapped’, almost disappearing inside the impressive ‘box of fish’.

All of this happened in few seconds and the result is extraordinary. Who knows if the shark did manage to eat some of them eventually? Probably, we will never have the answer, but we can enjoy the outstanding video.

Sharks are not new to this kind of phenomenon and we can sometimes spot these ocean predators attacking fish bait balls or swimming through an incredible ‘fish tornado’. In fact, through million of years fish evolved a strategy to defend themselves from predators by forming enormous ‘monsters’ aimed to intimidate them…but sometimes things don’t go how you expect.

Do you like ocean and sharks? Have you ever experienced such an incredible moment? Feel free to contact us and share your photos and videos with us…and with the world.


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