How to Let a Skull Talk Using a Car Engine


Do you like cars? Do you love car tuning? Are you a fan of mechanics and car engines?

People like tuning their vehicles for several reasons and in various ways: for power (to run and perform better than originally intended) or for economy (to run at peak efficiently).
But while there are several ways to tune a car engine, this guy may have found another additional way that goes beyond performance, power and economy. This video will show you how he was able to transform an engine in one of the weirdest or, at least, in an original attractive manner.

We don’t really know whether he is driving the car on the streets or he’s just showing it off to his friends, but for sure, he found a good way to make it perfect for a horror film, event or museum or as a bizarre new object for the next Halloween party.

Do you find it horrifying, weird, funny, awful or cool? We leave the judgement to you after watching this video.

What do you think? Do you know other weird car engines, maybe handmade by yourself? We are eager to share it with the whole world.

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