The Smallest Restaurant In The World: Only One Table For Two People And The Most Exclusive Experience Ever


solo per due worlds smallest restaurant

Do you like spending exclusive moments with your loved one, adding a romantic atmosphere, high quality fresh Italian food, a piece of history, jumping back to the past, and have everything for yourself only? In Italy there is a “Just for Two” (Italian name “Solo Per Due”) place that is the smallest restaurant in the world.

Solo Per Due has only one table and can take just two people at a time. Immersed in an evocative historical location, everything is dedicated to you only. People who go there experience no queues, no turns, no waiting, and a space and staff fully dedicate to them.

If you are a romantic person and love to visit Italy and its unique specialities, landscape and culture, this tiny ”personal” restaurant is the right place.

solo per due worlds smallest restaurant outside

Solo Per Due is located in Vacone, in a nineteenth century building with remains of a Roman Villa in the grounds. In 1703 Carlo Bartolomeo Piazza identified the villa to belong to the Latin poet Horace, given to him by Mecenate.

The place seems to be enchanting, surrounded by history and a charming vegetation, such as the garden you can admire passing through the gates, offering the guests the spectacular vision of a mesmerizing collection of palms from all around the world.

Solo Per Due is so intimate and personal that you will feel like in a regal room, served by your own waiter who will come as soon as you call him, serving delicious and carefully selected high quality local food.

solo per due worlds smallest restaurant inside

Whenever you go to the tiniest restaurant on earth, you will experience emotional and unforgettable moments. During warm weather you can relax in the shade of a vine, contemplating the valley full of olive groves and vineyards; while during the cold winter, you will warm up enjoying an aperitif in front of a log fire.

Are you ready for your magical moment? Remember to book in advance because the waiting list may be quite long, and get ready to spend more than in a McDonald’s…but it will worth the price.


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