The Illusion of Consumerism: When Smartphones Can Become Your Worst Nightmare

smartphones illusion of consumerism
Youtube | Kuşcu öğretmen

You see it on TV, internet, posters, shop fronts and you fall in love, believing or hoping you finally found the source of any grace, ready to “worship it” like a god. How do you feel? Maybe the happier in the world, the bigger on earth, the most successful and beautiful in the whole planet (or perhaps among the richest people worldwide or, at least, in your community).

Therefore you start enjoying special moments with your loved smartphone, but they are too fast and empty to last enough … enough to achieve a long lasting satisfaction.

You get addicted and used. Loads of other versions come out in the blink of an eye. By consequence, nothing is enough any more and how do you feel? Frustrated, sad, empty, living in a grey world where your selfish left you alone (not because the world abandoned you, but because you abandoned the world – the real one -Ed.). So, how does someone decide to cope with this situation? He keep purchasing gadgets, over and over again … items that embody the fragility and shortness of the ephemeral “empty” things. Maybe you are sure to obtain your happiness, but what you really get is an idea, so short and insubstantial that inevitably leaves you the disappointing sorrow of the “disillusionment after the illusion”.

smartphones illusion of consumerism nightmare
Youtube | Kuşcu öğretmen

In this situation you realize you eventually became a slave of your own material desires whose satisfaction are destroying what can really give you freedom, happiness and a consistent long lasting reason of life: the real world, nature and human relationships.

Will it be too late when the world will finally realize that a gadget is not a fair exchange for our real life?

This video animation perfectly represents this concept and points out all the risks and damages we can suffer when the society is based only on consumerism.

What do you think? Do you believe it’s really like that? What can make you really happy deep down and for good?

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