How to Cook Delicious Food With No Gas, Fire, Wood or Electricity … Everywhere

solsource solar cooker
SolSource Solar Cooker

Do you like food and cooking? Do you love to spend a nice time with your family, children, relatives and friends in the garden doing barbecue and preparing delicious food?
Are you a camping kind of person? Wish you live comfortably and enjoy a good meal preserving our planet and its resources? This innovation can be your best companion.

You will cook healthy and delicious meals outdoors and indoors, boil and purify water for drinking, sterilise jars and utensils for food preservation, heat water for domestic use for outdoor living or during power outage, grill chicken and steaks, stir-fry vegetables or boil pasta just like the way you do…with no gas, no fire, no wood, no electricity.

You can cook everywhere saving a lot of resources, 5x faster than using charcoal and like using a conventional stove top. All of this using a parabolic dish. No, you don’t cook while watching your best show on a satellite TV channel: you use a parabolic mirror solar cooker and the results are impressive and innovative.

This is the “SolSource Solar Cooker” by One Earth Designs company. Its innovative design allows you to capture sunlight to give you extraordinary heat. The advance self-healing polymer maximizes the effectiveness of the reflective mirrors and ensures durability. By adjusting the reflective mirrors you can control the heat and this solution is perfect for sustainable and off grid living.

How does it work? The parabolic mirror concentrates direct sunlight onto the cookware for instant heat reaching 550°F / 280°C. That means you can boil 4 cups / 1 litre of water in 10 minutes. It is also easy to clean with soapy water and a soft cloth.

Thanks to this innovation, the manufacturer aims to provide a product that help people live sustainably within the resources of our one Earth.

Would you like to see how it works? Watch the following video.

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