Speed Kid Car: A DIY Video Tutorial to Make Any Kids Happy

diy speed kid car

Anyone has been a child and for sure almost all of you loved to drive a car, to feel an adult runner for a while and experience the excitement of speed. That’s the moment when you desire one of the most wonderful toys ever: a mini speed car, totally working, no matter how the design is. You can enjoy it by yourself or simulate a race with your siblings, cousins or friends. What most matters to you is just driving and have a lot of fun.

So you can go to the nearest store or visit an online shop (for ex. Dune Race on Amazon – just to mention one) and buy an electrical vehicle toy. Alternatively, you can find a way to make it a hobby and build one by yourself.

Therefore, this video will teach you how to create a fully working car toy at home, using ordinary simple things. A real vehicle equipped with:

  • four wheels,
  • two foot pedals for brake and throttle,
  • a steering wheel,
  • a leather seat with a back rest,
  • a wooden frame,
  • an electrical engine using an ordinary drill.

You don’t need to be an engineer, but just a handy man who loves making your kid happy and proud of you.

Do you have any child? Have you ever bought or built a vehicle toy? Show us your best creation and we will be happy to show it to the world.


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