Triodia Scintillans, The Stunning Australian Grass That Taste Like Salt And Vinegar Potato Chips


spinifex grass flavour salt and vinegar

If you go to Australia and you feel hungry, you might go outside in a grassy ground instead of a store and enjoy ‘delicious’ vinegar chips you can’t find elsewhere…but this is the real truth.

Salt and vinegar potato chips can be found usually on the market with different brands, packaging and ingredients. But some researches, casually discovered there might be an unusual ‘competitor’ and it comes totally from mother nature: grass.

A group of Australian scientists were cataloguing some samples of grass in Perth when they accidentally came across a specimen that grows on the arid zones of the outback. Its name…”Triodia scintillans” and it belongs to the “spinifex” species. The stems of younger grass are covered by little liquid droplets that gives a salt and vinegar flavour.

australian spinifex grass flavour salt and vinegar

The stunning discovery was announced in a study recently published in the Australian Systematic Botany Journal.

This kind of plant covers almost 30% of Australian arid zones, and it’s endemic in the red sand desert and rocky fields of Central Australia. It has the ability to survive using just a little amount of water, so precious and scarce in many parts of the world.

However experts don’t suggest and encourage people to collect the grass in order to eat – or lick – it. It’s better to keep using it for the usual purposes: from building to construction and pharmaceutical industry and glues.

Do you like salt and vinegar potato chips? The recommended destination remains your local store, and not the lawn.


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