New York, Spinning Ice Disk On Lake: The Rare Natural Phenomenon Caught On Camera

spinning ice disk on adirondacks new york

It was a Thanksgiving Day like any other for Laura Carusone in New York mountains when something rare made her day a memorable perfect birthday: a spinning ice disk appeared on the lake in Adirondacks Woods.

Laura Carusone is a mother of four and a yoga teacher. On Thanksgiving day she decided to go hiking on Johns Brook, below Bushnell Falls, with her son and cousin, when she discovered a pretty rare natural phenomenon that only the luckiest person could see…and only under special conditions.

spinning ice disk on adirondacks

Laura remained astonished as she spotted a perfect mathematical circle spinning on the lake and didn’t miss the occasion to caught it on camera, making the incident unforgettable. The moment was so incredible that made the forest look like “enchanted”, her son said, and the vision so hypnotic. They could have watched the ice disk spinning all day, and now that it’s impressed on film, they will be able to watch it for their lifetime.

But this ‘magical’ natural phenomenon is not so easy to witness, since it happens only under special conditions: such stunning spinning ice disks occur only when the water moves slowly in cold temperatures.

Stephane Dorbolo from the University of Liege in Belgium studied the phenomenon. According to science, the disk melts causing the sinking water to turn the ice at a constant speed. What it may look like a fantasy novel or an alien close encounter, is actually a very peculiar natural event you may see only if you are under the exact circumstances.

Have you ever witnessed such a cool natural phenomenon? Would you feel excited or scared if you see one of these disks?

Credits: | Daily Mail | NBC New York


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