Star Wars Imperial Ground Forces Land On England, Now A Massive ‘AT-AT Walker’ Stands Out In This Garden


giant star wars at-at walker garden

To any Star Wars fans, devotees, obsessed and cosplayers. But also to any artists, hobbyists and garden décor lovers. If you like making your courtyard peculiar and majestic, and you think you’ve already done a good job, this man may have surpassed you with his Star Wars ‘AT-AT walker’ statue that now stands on his front garden in Harpole, Northamptonshire (England).

This is Ian Mockett (54-year-old), a George Lucas’ sci-fi film fan and most of all, ‘creative person’. He was so ‘brave’ that decided, with the help of her daughter’s boyfriend, to decorate his garden with something you don’t see around so frequently.

ian mockett and star wars at-at walker

In fact, whilst neighbours and all other English people – probably even you who are reading now – are used to put some birdbaths, sundials, planters, lanterns and other stonewares in their outdoor area, Mr. Mockett built a massive statue depicting the famous ‘AT-AT walker‘ (All Terrain Armored Transport).

The artwork is made of 26 hardboard panels, features a moving head and is 20ft (6m) high. Is it maybe ready to attack some ‘evil visitors’ or unexpected thieves who dare to enter the house? Of course this is just a model (a giant one) and instead of keeping people away (the good ones), it will probably attract them and their attention.

replica head star wars at-at walker

But what’s the truth? Why did he build such a stunning sculpture? Mr. Ian Mockett worked a month on his ‘ambitious’ project, in occasion of the 20th annual Harpole village scarecrow festival that took place last 9th-10th September 2017. He had a lot of fun, he told the BBC, and now I’m wondering if the ‘AT-AT walker’ will keep birds away or will attract them, got curious by the unusual ‘futuristic’ creation.

replica star wars at-at walker garden

For this year, Mr. Mockett surprised the whole city with his ‘AT-AT’ combat vehicle. Who knows what the man will build next year? Maybe something even bigger and more impressive.


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