Mind-Blowing Roll-Shaped Cloud Formation Is Approaching The Coast: The Bizarre Morning Glory Phenomenon

morning glory roll cloud over lake michigan
Solateor | Reddit

Do you sometimes find yourself staring at the sky and admiring its mesmerizing blue colour or the shiny, sometimes unusually shaped clouds? I guess you also wondered how could they form in such a way or what’s hiding inside (if any). Actually, clouds can really take bizarre shapes and you can see them up there in every place you go in the world. One of these weird formations is the Morning Glory cloud and it’s so astonishing that we decided to show you some images that will make you shout loud wow.

A Morning Glory cloud is a roll shaped formation consisting of a low-level atmospheric solitary wave and associated cloud. Although it’s a rare meteorological phenomenon, it’s observed in different locations around the world. If you live in the Gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Australia you may be so lucky to see them more regularly and also predict them.

morning glory roll cloud lake michigan
Solateor | Reddit

The video below shows you one of them spotted over Lake Michigan and caught on camera by Nick Nerbonne. The video has been sped up to 4x and the vision is stunning.

If we didn’t live in 2017, we might think a flying army, hidden behind a wall of smoke, is approaching the coast ready to ‘conquer the land’.

Sometimes nature is impressive and never stops giving us mind-blowing images and moments. Can you say the contrary? What’s the weirdest cloud formation and shape you have ever seen in your life?


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