Sushi Art: 4 Trendy And Creative Masterpieces You Can Eat

sushi art
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Do you like exotic and creative food? Are you passionate of art? Today we will show you four trendy and original ways to eat sushi. Four ways to turn food into real pieces of art that you wouldn’t think were meant to be eaten.

1. “Shoe-shi” art:

This is Yujia Hu and he is a Sushi Chef & Artist. Born in Zhejiang, China, in 1988, at the age of 8 he moved to Milan to join his parents.
After attending a school of Arts he stopped and started to work at his parents’ restaurant. Now he is an internationally known Sushi Chef & Artist and his creations have been sharing around the world thanks to their creativity and originality. Just some fish, seaweeds and rise and you have a complete set of shoes “too cute to be eaten”.

Yujia Hu is passionate of basketball and decided to combine this passion with art and cuisine. It’s in this way that “Shoe-shi” was born. Yujia is now famous for his Sneackers-shaped sushi like Nike Air Jordan has been featured on important magazines (for ex. “TIME” or “GQ“) and “TV Tokyo“.

Yujia Hu’s “shoe-shi” is not the only sushi art you can find around the world. See the following amazing and delicious “pieces of art”.


2. Sushi / Poke Bowls:

What’s better and healthier than a salad? Do you think it can’t give you enough energy? What if this salad was different and also made or rise and yummy juicy fish?
We introduce you the “extraordinary world” of Sushi Bowls or Poke Bowls: a bed of rise and carefully selected sushi and vegetables creatively seasoned and composed in a stylish and very good looking way. Judge and learn by yourself:

Would you like to know another recipe? You can start by learning how to prepare a Salmon Sushi Bowl.



3. Nishikigoi no Sugatazushi (“Multicoloured Koi-Shaped Sushi”):

A stunning way to turn ordinary rise and fish into cute swimming koi. The creation is meticulous and requires great cooking skills. See the artist in action here:


4. Mosaic Block Sushi:

A kind of edible painting. I mind blowing creation I would stare at for hours.

Would you like to go further and become an artist yourself? We’ve found a book for you: “Sushi Art Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Kazari Maki Sushi“.

Do you like eating sushi? How do you prefer to eat it?


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