A Robot Challenged A Sword Master To A Katana Battle And This Is How It Finished


Do you like swords and the ability to handle them like a samurai hero? What if he’s not human any more? This is the “Yaskawa Bushido Project”: an industrial robot replicates a master swordsman.

Maybe the aim is to demonstrate that robots can be very performing when applied in the industry and if they can be like or better than a sword master, imagine what they can do when employed in the manufacturing process.

In this video the robot (more precisely a robotic arm), “MOTOMAN-MH24” challenged Isao Machii, a Iaijyutsu Master, 5 times World Record holder. They “competed” in terms of speed, technique … and resistance and this is the result:

1. Diagonal Cut. If you don’t know the exact technique, you will never succeed.

katana cut pole

Sword master v Robot: 1-1


2. Rising Cut. How to neatly cut a rose without creating a mess.

robot cut rose

Sword master v Robot: 1-1


3. Horizontal Cut. How to cut a orange without holding and crushing it … and what about a string bean?

katana cut orange

Sword master v Robot: 1-6


4. Thousand cuts: how to cut a thousand times in a row without getting tired.

robot cut 1000 pole

Sword master v Robot: 0-1


Enjoy this video to see the “two contenders” in action.

Maybe a human master is still more agile and intelligent, but what about performance and durability? Hopefully robots will not be able to kill us all on day. Hopefully, this will remain just a movie.

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