USA, Tangier Island Slowly Sinking But People Refuse To Believe On The Causes

tangier island slowly sinking

We’ve already talked about climate change in previous articles and its terrible consequences. One of them is the rise of waters, and the consequential disappearance of lands. And in fact, there is a little island in USA that is literally slowly sinking under the water, but inhabitants refuse to believe in the actual causes: changing in climate, triggered by human activities – and irresponsibility and selfishness (Ed.).

Although we already know that lands reduced by 67% since 1850, the 727 people living in Tangier Island refuse to leave their land that, according to scientists and activists, may be totally submerged in few years.

coast tangier island slowly sinking

Tangier inhabitants are just asking for the construction of a wall to stop the constant erosion. But will it be enough? And if it works, will they feel happy to live in a ‘cage island’?

But Tangier inhabitants are not the only ones not believing in climate change and their thoughts reflects those of a third of Americans (included the President). How can someone deny what’s happening in front of their eyes?

house tangier island slowly sinking

According to the U.S. Global Change Research ProgramEvidence of climate change appears in every region and impacts are visible in every state.” 300 experts, guided by a 60-member Federal Advisory Committee, produced the report:

  • Ocean waters are becoming warmer and more acidic, broadly affecting ocean circulation, chemistry, ecosystems, and marine life.
  • The rise in ocean temperature over the last century will persist into the future, with continued large impacts on climate, ocean circulation, chemistry, and ecosystems.
  • Some climate trends, such as rising seawater temperatures and ocean acidification, are common across much of the coastal areas and open ocean worldwide.
sand tangier island slowly sinking

And these are just few facts you got from the full report, just the tip of the iceberg, imagine all the rest.

Despite that, how can people in Tangier not believe on the danger and imminent disaster? Will activists and facts change their mentality?

Hopefully they won’t wait too much, until it’s too late.


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