Italian Company Created First Pianist Robot That Can Play Any Music: The Stunning Innovation Of TeoTronico


teotronico first robot play piano

After seeing them dancing, singing, acting and talking, it’s now time to listen them playing music. We are talking about robots and their stunning abilities to do things that only humans were able to do so far.

Today we introduce you “TeoTronico”, the pianist robot specifically designed to educate people, students and children to music listening. TeoTronico participated in many Italian TV shows and on theatre as a guest and can play any song. In 2012 he even played with the Berliner Symphoniker conducted by Michelangelo Galeati at the Berliner Philharmoniker.

This robot is designed by Italian company Teotronica (founded in 2007 by Matteo Suzzi). For Suzzi, understanding how robots work was not enough. So he decided to do more, much more. And now his passion led him to create the pianist robot “TeoTronico”, fulfilling a passion that he had since he was a child.

TeoTronico is a good learner, with the ability – we said that before – to play everything. And it is precise and fast. He features 53 fingers that allow him to play with a stunning dynamic control over the piano keys.

teotronico robot play piano

TeoTronico has shown to be of great help in education. In fact, it’s a good fellow for pianist Roberto Prosseda since 2012 during his music concert lessons. This musician robot can play music such as Stravinsky, Hindemith, Nancarrow, Ligeti, Busoni, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Hoffman.

TeoTronico can also be a support for human pianists that can control him and its playing remotely, even from a distance of kilometres, in the so called “ghost-pianist” mode. Thanks to this feature, it can play with other musicians following the orchestra conductor. And if it’s not enough to impress you, this ‘guy’ can also speak, sing and perform facial expressions, with the additional ability to follow the position of people around him, thanks to proximity sensors.

Following you can see and hear him in action, playing a song from the Mozart repertoire.

TeoTronico is not 100% precise and – on my opinion – lacks in human interpretation and emotion. Will it be just the beginning or the end?

What do you think about this innovation? Are you afraid that robots will substitute anyone on earth (for the ego of contemporary people playing the role of god – imperfectly)? Share your opinion below.


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