How A Fox And A Child Can Become Special Friends With No Barriers: The Story Of “Rosa Fumetta”


In 2007 Luc Jacquet directed “The Fox and the Child” film, released in UK cinemas in 2008. The film tells about the unforgettable friendship between a fox and a young girl. This magical moment seems to have become a reality in this Italian place, caught on camera and fixed in time with this heart-warming photo.

The sweet charming moment happened at the Cala Gonone Aquarium (Sardinia region). Last May 2017 a young fox was rescued from a fire in the forest and hosted at the Aquarium, where the staff took care of her and named her “Rosa Fumetta” (in Italian language “Rosa” means “rose” and “Fumetta” is related to the term “fumo” which means “smoke”).

#RosaFumetta é arrivata nella sua nuova casa! #acquariocalagonone

Un post condiviso da Acquario di Cala Gonone (@acquariocalagonone) in data:

A wonderful photo published by the staff on Instagram few days ago shows the lucky survived fox staring at a young girl visitor separated only by a window. Like in the film, the connection seems to be strong and without boundaries. A genuine liaison that often can exist only between animals and children, where love rules and any berries seem to be broken (species, age, race, language, etc.).

I cuccioli sanno comunicare anche solo con lo sguardo..💓

Un post condiviso da Acquario di Cala Gonone (@acquariocalagonone) in data:

We can easily imagine (and suppose) that if there was no window, the two cute creatures would immediately hug each other softly and kindly. A respectful relationship from which many adults should learn, if they wish to make this world better, mainly for their children – and the one depicted on this image can be one of them.


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