The Italian Man Who Was Living With 200 Rabbits: The True Story


Do you like fluffy cute animals? Have you ever pet one of them?

Well, in the city of Mestre, Italy, there was a 58 years old man living with 200 rabbits in his flat at the 3rd floor of a residential building. A very big animal lover? Well he also enjoyed the companionship of 2 hamsters (what an extraordinary way to bring some love into his life – Ed.).


But what’s the truth? Is this love or just a secret unauthorized breeding?
Interviewed and filmed by an Italian reporter, the man stated that “there’s not any breeding, but the animals came by themselves”.

So it just happened, the man never realized it and never moved them. Really? Very weird, isn’t it?

Italian man living with 200 rabbits

The truth is that the little apartment was full of fluffy lovely animals, but among tones of trash and excrement (a real threat to the health of the neighbourhood). In the meantime, the man was feeding them, with preservative-free pet food and shop leaflets (really?).

“Sometimes they eat them, so I give it to them” the man replied.

Are leaflets and ink really the perfect food for rabbits? It really sounds a joke!

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending. Thanks to the intervention of the local municipal policemen, the social services and the veterinary department of the public local healthcare system (Asl – Azienda Sanitaria Locale), last November all the animals have been removed and the apartment cleaned. Everything was ruined and nothing could be saved: kitchen furniture, bed, wardrobes. The cute animals was living everywhere (drawers, fridge, etc.) and everything was contaminated. The 58 years old man, with psychological problems, is now assisted by the social services but came back home … with some new furniture and in a well cleaned and safe environment.

Italian Man Living With 200 Rabbit in House
By Striscialanotizia

Would you be able to live in such a way? Are you in favour or against animal breeding?

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