Legendary Crime Couple Bonnie And Clyde On Display With Their Last Kiss In An Ultimate Photo Gallery

last kiss of bonnie and clyde
Caters News Agency

They had been a legendary couple – maybe they still are – and spent their relation among murders and robbery during a two-year crime spree. They are Bonny and Clyde and now their romance and evil life went on display in an ultimate photo gallery that showed the last moments together: what was probably their last kiss, the sweet occasions and the moments of their end.

Bonny Parker (24) and Clyde Barrow (23) was a Texas duo that between 1932 and 1934 became a legendary crime couple who left behind 13 killed people and several bank robberies and burglaries in just two years of intense life across four states.

car of bonnie and clyde died
Caters News Agency

During their actions, the two outlaws fixed in time special moments together and they still remained to us along with the photos of their final ambush, showing flesh and blood, the law men involved, the getaway car and the postmortem shots. Among them, there’s what is probably their last kiss, that after 83 years keep the legend alive, beyond all the crimes they committed.

car of bonnie and clyde
Caters News Agency

The photos were on display until last 11th November, at the Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery (PDNB) in an exhibition called “Bonnie & Clyde: The End”.

It was documented that 107 rounds of bullets where shot in less than 2 minutes against the car, the bodies and other sites. Each body had been hit 50 times before authorities put an end to the infamous America’s dangerous sweethearts.

clydes fingerprints
Caters News Agency

The bullets may have stopped the Bonnie and Clyde criminal activities but, until now, the legend remains and with it their story and echo.

What do you think about Bonnie and Clyde? Is it fair and right to remember them after all the bad things they did?


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