The Story of The U.S. Marine and The Stray Dog


Do you like love and lovely moments? Do you love fairy tales and happy endings? Do you like animals and nature?

This story has everything of this. Once upon a time a soldier. His name Craig Grossi and he is a U.S. Marine deployed in Afghanistan. Left his country to fight a war, he “found the real love”. While there he met a loving stray dog, named him Fred and they started to love each other from the first time.

“Soon as I got close to him, he started wagging his tail”, the soldier said.
“He was hot, hungry, covered in bugs and had absolutely no reason to show me any kind of trust or love … but he did it right away.”, he added.

And in that land of “destruction, pains and hate” Fred started following him everywhere he went. It was then that he decided to snuck the lovely puppy into the base and figure out how to get him home … in the middle of a war.

For the love of nature and animals, soldier Grossi risked a lot: he could have gone to jail if caught with him, while the dog put down … and at the end …

… well, watch the video and discover how the soldier and the dog were later on: what they did and what they do.

Would you do the same? Do you think it is a happy ending?

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