New Guinness World Record For These 1,069 Robots Who Danced Simultaneously In China


robot dance china

Do you like entertainment, music, dancing but also technological innovations? This is the right place for you. In China thousands of robots danced simultaneously and broke the Guinness World Record.

People who wanted to see this incredible performances had to fly (or live) in Guangzhou (Guangdong province, southern China). Here WL Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd placed 1,100 robots the company produces and managed to make 1,069 of them dance at the same time until the end.

The amazing robot is “Dobi” and thanks to its stunning performances the company broke the previous record held by Ever Win Company & Ltd with 1,007 robots.

The Doby robots can also sing, box, play football and execute Kung Fu moves. Maybe in the future AI will make these robots learn by theme selves the best moves and we will see them in the next talent show. In the meantime, watch and enjoy the outstanding video published by Guinness World Records on their YouTube channel, where you can see this massive robot dance.

Would you dance with a robot? Maybe in the future our next partner on stage will be a cold iron machine.


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