Britain’s Tiniest Puppy As Tall As A Tin Of Beans: The Touching Story Of Tim The Yorkshire

tim yorkshire as tiny as irn burn
IRN BRU can by Jamie Mellor | Flickr

Bolton, Lancashire – He was born at 2.5 oz in UK and his name is Tim. He is a Yorkshire Terrier puppy and believed to be the tiniest dog ever seen in the country, as tall as a tin of beans after 7 weeks of life.

The Yorkshire Terrier breed is already small in size by nature, but Tim is even smaller. The average height is, in fact, 8 inches to 9 inches at the shoulder, weighting from 4 to 6 pounds. These are the ordinary figures for a normal Yorkie, but Tim was born different and, maybe, will remain different – on the other hand, any pet is always unique to its owner (Ed.).

yorkshire terrier normal size

Let’s know more about Tim the Yorkshire Terrier.

Tim was not breathing when he was born and would have died if his owner, Andrea McGowan (42-year-old) had not taken good care of him, rubbing him with a towel and bottle-feeding him every two hours for weeks.

The owner was constantly afraid he wouldn’t made it. It may be suffering from canine dwarfism, but they will not know that until he is older.

That’s why, the owner told, the first few weeks she was always worried about him getting dehydrated if she missed a feed. And the care was so necessary – and the owner’s love so big – that she wound him and rubbed his belly every time to make him poo and wee.

Fortunately, this dedication rewarded them, because Tim is still alive, reaching 9 oz after 7 weeks. As tiny as a can of “IRN BURN” (a Scottish carbonated soft drink), he is doing well at the moment and getting better every day. Tim may be the smallest one, but he’s also braver than the others, the owner said, and was even luckier that one of his brothers who died after birth.

But is Tim the only “teacup Yorkie” you can see in the world? We discovered a “contender” looking back at the past and you can see it on this video dated 2013. We don’t know who is the winner and how this dog is now. But we are here to have some fun, so enjoy:


Do you have any dog? How is it? Do you prefer big or small size breeds?


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