First Baby Chameleons Born In British Chester Zoo And They Are As Tiny As A Fingernail

tiny baby chameleons british chester zoo
British Chester Zoo

Everybody loves cute things. Whether they are babies, puppies or tiny detailed objects, they look always cute. And cuteness is, without any doubt, one of the most heart-melting and pleasant thing we can ever see and experience in the world…in our lifetime. In this article cuteness takes the shape of reptiles that always leave us astonished thanks to their colours: chameleons.

The ‘stage’ of this story is the British Chester Zoo where reptile experts have successfully bred a family of the rare Cameroon two-horned mountain chameleons. This is the first time it happens at the zoo and the babies hatched are as little as a fingernail.

Photo and video show how tiny – and cute – this species can be. Thanks to their mum Ruby, in UK we have three baby chameleons that are so difficult to spot thanks to their dimension, limited location and, of course, their camouflage ability.

In August the first egg hatched. One month later the other two brothers joined the family.

Unfortunately, this species – also known as “trioceros montium” – is in danger due to various factors:

  • the limited areas they live in, as said before: just 10 locations in the highlands of Cameroon (between 700m and 1,900m of altitude);
  • the destruction of the already limited habitat, due to human activity, such as degradation, climate change and agriculture;
  • the international pet trade that reduced considerably the chameleons population in Cameroon in the last 12 years.

Therefore, the birth of three new babies are a great blessing. To celebrate the occasion the zoo staff published the images on social media.

Credits: Chester Zoo


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