How To Make Breakfast Happier And Taster With These 15 Toast Designs


toasts art eiko mori

We all know that, nowadays, food and cuisine is not just about taste, it’s also about look. That’s why food became a kind of art, to astonish the clients at a restaurant or your guests at home. In Japan designer Eiko Mori moved to the next level extending this art to bread. Thanks to Eiko Mori, breakfast and snacks can get a new life and people who see his toasts may prefer to admire rather than eat them.

Across the years Japan got us used to charming and creative ways to decorate and show food. But this time this stylist found a way to transform a meaningless bread to something really charming, happy and playful.

Thanks to colourful ingredients and stunning imagination and skills, Eiko Mori literally uses bread as her canvas. With the use of just a toothpick, a spoon and a miniature piping bag (made from parchment paper), she creates lovely designs no one could resist to.

Judge by yourself. If you get invited by Eiko Mori to have breakfast with her, you may be delighted with some of her mesmerizing creations.


fruits toast art
Eiko Mori



eggplants toast art
Eiko Mori


corns toast art
Eiko Mori


Ice cream

ice scream toasts art
Eiko Mori


Halloween pumpkin

halloween pumpkin toast art
Eiko Mori


Tennis racket

tennis racket toast art
Eiko Mori



ping pong toast art
Eiko Mori



basketball toast art
Eiko Mori


Pool table

pool table toast art
Eiko Mori


Sheet music

sheet music toast art
Eiko Mori



sushi toast art
Eiko Mori



pizza toast art
Eiko Mori


French fries

french fries toast art
Eiko Mori

Cup of coffee

cup of coffee toast art
Eiko Mori


Lemon tea

lemon tea toast art
Eiko Mori


You can discover all her creations on Instagram.

Do you feel hungry now? Would you eat some of these toasts?


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