70-year-old Woman Impressed Everyone With Her Awesome Pole Dance Performance


Do you know what “Lap Dance” is? Do you like it? And what about the girls performing it? First of all you should learn (if you don’t already know) the difference between “Lap Dance” and “Pole Dance”.

“A lap dance (or contact dance) is a type of erotic dance performance offered in some strip clubs in which the dancer typically has body contact with a seated patron. Lap dancing is different from table dancing, in which the dancer is close to a seated patron, but without body contact. With lap dancing, the dancer may be nude, topless or scantily dressed, depending on the laws of the jurisdiction and the club’s policies.”
(Source: Wikipedia).

Since someone, too frequently and easily, confuse the lap dance with the pole dance, it’s important to explain the difference.

“Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics centred on a vertical pole. This performance art form has recently gained popularity as a form of fitness and mainstream entertainment, practised by many enthusiasts in gyms and in dedicated dance studios. Amateur and professional pole dancing competitions are held in countries around over the world.”
(Source: Wikipedia).

tomoko pole dance

In order to perform a good pole dance, do you require a good body shape, training and good health? What’s the maximum age to perform this “discipline” properly? Maybe there isn’t a definitive answer and all depends on each single person.

Whatever you think, after watching this video you may reconsider your thoughts. We are in Italy, this is the Italia’s Got Talent Show and this woman impressed everyone with her awesome and unbelievable performance despite her age.

Her name Tomoko, she comes from Japan and moved to Italy when she was 23-year-old. Now she is 70-year-old and went on stage to perform a pole dance. When you will see her body and show, you wont’ believe your eyes. This video will let you wonder how a person (that for many people may be very old and painful -Ed.), can look and move so well, like a teenager. But let’s go straight to the point and watch by yourself what’s happened in Italy last year.


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