Crocodile Skinned Alive Is The Secret For Beautiful Expensive Stylish Bags

vietnam crocodile no tail

Do you like to be trendy? To appear cool and beautiful? Someone may choose to buy and wear stylish and luxurious handbags to be the envy of any friends. But sometimes this can have a big price to pay. That’s why PETA Organization revealed a shocking video showing Skinned Crocodiles in Vietnam for Handbags.
The eyewitness footage reveals that reptiles are kept in narrow concrete enclosures and then violently killed. Some of these farms supply Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands.

assassin crocodrile in vietnam

If you think the price is just some money out from your pocket, you should reconsider your thoughts and stop acting in a selfish way.
For the vanity of humans and the “pleasure” of making “luxury” leather bags, belts and watch straps sold around the world, only from Vietnam 30,000 crocodiles a year are poor victims of this fashion industry.

This video shows what life – and death – is like for many of these reptiles. The view can be tough and disgusting, yet sad and horrifying. So you are advised before watching it. Necks cut open and rods rammed down animals’ spines while they’re still alive.

lift the crocodile skin invietnam

This inhumane killing technique, experts say, lets the crocodilians remain conscious for over an hour after their spinal cord has been severed and their blood vessels cut – is it really necessary? Footage shows that one crocodile keeps moving even after being totally skinned. Would you like to live and breathe without your skin? This brutality makes them:

Confined to small, barren concrete enclosures: some narrower than the length of their bodies.

hiep krokodilfarm vietnam

Packed into concrete pits: aggression and injuries may result.

“Tortured” with skin cut and pulled off: just to become expensive bags and wallets only few people can afford.

vietnam crocodile torture

Watch this heartbreaking video at your own risk and if you want to help to stop this cruelty think twice and well before buying your next bag. You can even send a message to the fashion companies, requesting them to stop these brutal actions, using the PETA website form.


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