A Transformer ‘landed’ On Turin City Centre And Now It’s A Fully Functional Creative Traffic Light

traffic light transformer robot turin

The Italian Turin city welcomed Transformers when people were sleeping last night between Sunday 17th and Monday 18th September 2017.

Citizens woke up in the morning and get stunned when they discovered a traffic light turned into a transformer robot in the centre of the city, right in front of the Porta Nuova train station.

Is it the sequel of the Hollywood film shot in Italy? Nor really, this is the street art of “LABADANzky“.

traffic light transformer robot front

Now the city has a brand new robot, with a fully functional traffic light head and a complete body made of painted cardboard with an aged and distressed effect.

Unless you get too close, you may easily think it’s made of pure old metal and it’s now standing right at the crossroad, maybe ready to ‘catch and punish’ anyone who will decide not to respect the rules and pass with the red light.

traffic light transformer robot back

Thanks to this art installation, the city attracted the curiosity of many people, gathered to take pictures or just busy in staring at him while waiting for the green light.


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