Train Carriage Used by Mussolini Will be Destroyed: Why?


Carriage #59 Mussolini

“Once upon a time the history” … “Once upon a time … a train carriage Mussolini used in 1932” to inaugurate the Viterbo – North Rome railway line.

Will the history or, at least, part of it be erased from earth and, with it, a piece of the Italian cultural heritage? An obvious question arises and it’s natural to wonder “why”.

Just a practical reason? A total indifference to the local Italian history and culture? A mare attempt to remove an ideology or a historical root?

The truth is that several old carriages stay parked and unused at the Viterbo train station. Vehicles from 1932 and before, that Atac Spa, the first public transport group in Italy – and now responsible for them – decided to demolish, also because of the amiantus present in theme.

Mussolini Carriage Viterbo

The case arises because one of these carriages has a peculiar historical importance. We said that at the beginning, the carriage #59 used by Mussolini in 1932 during the opening of the railway line. This vehicle was luxuriously furbished with armchairs, carpets and chandeliers, a real “big artefact” of the Italian history that should be protected for its cultural value.

Inside older picture Mussolini Carriage
By Angelo Curci

Is it right to destroy it? Doesn’t history matter any more nowadays? Do we still have the right to remember, so that we can learn from the past and, eventually, avoid to do the previous mistakes? Is it really a kind of conspiracy or just a matter of money and health? Well, maybe sometimes things are easier than we might want to think (Ed.).

Inside Carriage #59 Mussolini
By Gianfranco Lelmi

Despite that, those who would like to keep the carriage can keep their hope as well: the director of Villa Carpena Museum (previously the Mussolini’s family house in Forlì) asked to take the carriage and offered to host and display it as a piece of the museum. In this way, the history will be safe and Atac Spa will save money too.

Let’s keep up to date and see how this story will end.

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