Travel Photographer Of The Year 2017: 21 Outstanding Photos That Will Make You Shout Loud Wow


Whatever we do and wherever we go, we always like taking home some memories. And what’s the best way to do that? Pictures and photos. Whilst in the past this was quite limited, in 2017 anyone can do it easily and in a blink of an eye. The devices at our disposal – you already know that – are a lot. Beyond just taking snapshots, we can even make it more professional, taking memorable and stunning photos with advanced equipment.

That’s the turn of the travel photography: a genre of photography that may involve the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. It’s one of the most open in terms of the subjects it covers. Travel photographers may specialise in portraits, landscape or documentary photography. What all this has in common is stunning and sometimes unique images only few artists can take, because of their talent or simply because good in being in the right place at the right time.

National Geographic celebrates this amazing art with an annual contest where people can submit their best photos in three categories: Nature, Cities and People.

The contest ended on 30th June 2017 and the winners have been announced. Let’s discover together the winners: 21 of the most astonishing photos the contestants took and that will make you shout loud Wow.

Category: Nature

1. THE POWER OF NATURE: the Grand Prize Winner.

the power of the nature
Sergio Tapiro Velasco

Taken in Rancho De Aguirre, Colima, Mexico, a powerful eruption illuminates the slopes of Mexico’s Colima Volcano on December 13, 2015. Photo And Caption By Sergio Tapiro Velasco.


2. TO LIVE: Second Place Winner.

to live
Hiromi Kano

Swans glide over the water in Kabukurinuma, Osaki, Japan, a protected wetland. Photo And Caption By Hiromi Kano.



crocodiles rio tarcoles
Tarun Sinha

Great gathering of American crocodiles along the bank of the Tarcoles River, in Costa Rica. Photo And Caption By Tarun Sinha.


4. MARBLE CAVES: Honorable Mention.

marble caves
Clane Gessel

Something off the beaten path in Patagonia, taken with the perfect light to capture the intricate blue swirls. Photo And Caption By Clane Gessel.



5. FOREST OF THE FAIRY: Honorable Mention.

forest of the fairy
Y. Takafuji

It’s a summer evening in a remote Japanese village in the Tamba region. Dozens of fireflies light up the Forest of Gods and carpet a stairway that leads to a shrine. The atmosphere is magical and the image memorable. Photo And Caption By Y. Takafuju.


6. MT. BROMO: Honorable Mention.

mt bromo
Reynold Dewantara

Taken in East Java, Indonesia on 16th January, 2016, from the patio of a local hotel. Mount Bromo is a small but active volcano captured on camera during its eruption. Photo And Caption By Reynold Dewantara.


7. IN YOUR FACE: Honorable Mention.

in your face
Shane Gross

Caribbean reef sharks in the Gardens of the Queen, a remote marine area south of Cuba. Photo And Caption By Shane Gross.


8. BUFF TAILED CORONET: People’s Choice Winner.

buff tailed coroned
Hymakar Valluri

A buff-tailed coronet feeds on flower nectar in the Ecuadorian forest, a paradise for hummingbirds. Photo And Caption By Hymakar Valluri.



Category: People

9. WORKSHIP: First Place Winner.

F. Dilek Uyar

Beams of light filter through a historic building in Konya, Turkey, where a whirling dervish performs an ecstatic dance. Photo And Caption By F. Dilek Uyar.


10. INTERESTING MOMENT: Second Place Winner.

interesting moment
Julius Y.

At Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, people can admire the Rembrandt’s masterpiece “Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild”. For the occasion, the photographer caught on camera a crowd of spectators standing in front of it. The effect? Visitors and drapers (the painting characters) seem to look at each other like in a fantasy fairy tale. Photo And Caption By Julius Y.


11. UNDER THE WAVE: Third Place Winner.

under the wave
Rodney Bursiel

Taken in Tavarua, Fiji. The professional surfer Donavon Frankenreiter was caught on camera at Cloudbreak, from a new angle and perspective. Photo And Caption By Rodney Bursiel.


12. BRIDGING GENERATION: Honorable Mention.

bridging generation
Jobit George

A father and son dressed in traditional white clothing sit at a mosque in New Delhi, India. Photo And Caption By Jobit George.



13. THE MAN’S STARE: Honorable Mention.

the mans stare
Moin Ahmed

How not to get wet on train with an open window during a rainy day. Taken at Tongi Railway Station in Gazipur, Bangladesh. Photo And Caption By Moin Ahmed.


14. BLESSINGS AT BESAKIH: Honorable Mention.

blessings at besakih
Michael Dean Morgan

In the beautiful island of Bali, Hindu Balinese are paying visit to the Besakih Temple to pray, make offerings and take blessings from pemangku (priests). Photo And Caption By Michael Dean Morgan.


15. SAND PORTER: People’s Choice Winner.

san porter
Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan

Sand porters are carrying sand to preserve them on a place near the Dhaleswari River in Munshiganj, Bangladesh. Photo And Caption By Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan.


Category: Cities

16. LEVELS OF READING: First Place Winner.

levels of reading
Norbert Fritz

The modern interior of the city library in Stuttgart, Germany. Photo And Caption By Norbert Fritz.



17. WALLED CITY #08: Second Place Winner.

walled city
Andy Yeung

An aerial view of Whampoa Garden, Hong Kong. Photo And Caption By Andy Yeung.



enningswaer footbal field
Misha De-Stroyev

Picture taken with a drone above the Norway’s Lofoten Islands. The camera caught one of the most amazing football fields in Europe: the Henningsvær. Photo And Caption By Misha De-Stroyev.


19. COLORFUL APARTMENT: Honorable Mention.

colorful apartment
Tetsuya Hashimoto

A woman in red walking on a colourful functioning apartment complex in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. What it may look like just a copy and paste work, is actually a real building in which your eyes can “get lost” if you look to much at it. Photo And Caption By Tetsuya Hashimoto.


20. AL AIN: Honorable Mention.

al ain
Andrzej Bochenski

What once was just a desert floor near Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates, is now the ground of new buildings, identical to each other, that seems to rise from nothing. Photo And Caption By Andrzej Bochenski.


21. COLORFUL MARKET: People’s Choice Winner.

colorful market
Kajan Madrasmail

Rainbow-coloured market stalls in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo And Caption By Kajan Madrasmail.

Do you like travel photography? What’s the best you took during your holiday or “expedition”?


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