Hate Speech Tweets Not Deleted By Twitter: Artist Protests By Writing Them In Front Of Company’s Headquarters

shahak shapira twitter protest

This man asked Twitter to delete more than 300 hate speech tweets but the company refused, so he decided to pass things to the next level and write the tweets on the road, in front of Twitter’s headquarters.

This is Shahak Shapira, a German-Israeli artist who reported 300 incidents of hate speech on Twitter. The company almost ignored him (they replied 9 times over the last six months – it’s just 3%), and refused to delete the tweets – because not in violation to the social network’s community guidelines. That’s why Shapira and fellow activists decided to stencil those sentences on the road, in front of the company’s Hamburg headquarters.

People who passed there felt indignant by the hate tweets: racist sentences, misogynist and homophobic worlds, or that deny the holocaust.

Tomorrow morning, when the Twitter people arrive at the office, they’ll have to look at all the beautiful tweets their company loves to ignore so much, the artist said.

On this YouTube video published by Shahak Shapira, you can read some of the tweets he selected and stencilled on the road…and what happened later!

Do you think freedom should mean “I can do anything, whatever it is and no matter what the consequences”? Can freedom of thought and speech be equal to freedom of hate? Can there be other better ways to convey a message?


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