10+ Unique Football Pitches You Have Ever Seen in The World


Most people all over the world, of any age and race, likes, follows or plays football soccer. Rich or poor, old or young, anyone always find a way to play, a little space to enjoy this game. So today we would like to show you 10+ of the most amazing pitches you can see on earth. 11 incredible football soccer stadiums that will remind you that there are no problems but only solutions, and that when there’s a will there’s always a way.


1. A floating pitch at Ko Panyi Muslim stilt village in southern Thailand.

An innovative and highly unusual football pitch that is attracting foreign visitors and helping them have some big fun. Thanks to this idea, tourists keep coming and can enjoy the pleasure of playing a nice game mixed with the beauty and freshness of summer, sun, water, sea and nature.

floating pitch thailand


2. A soccer field on a roof in Tokyo.

You can play on top of a building hoping you won’t kick too hard and break the net: you don’t want to run down any time the ball “flies”.

Pitch on Roof Tokyo
Photo credit: tokyoform Tokyo 4121 via photopin (license)


3. Pitch in the Favela – Soccer field in the Slum.

If you want to forget all the bad and tough things happening around you, there’s no betted way than gather to play football, no matter how is the place.

pitch in the favela soccer field in the slum
Photo credit: AdrianoSetimo Futebol na Favela / Soccer in the Slum via photopin (license)



4. Floating football stadium at Marina Bay, Singapore.

The largest floating football stadium in the world. Are you ready to swim too?

floating pitch marina bay singapore


5. Soccer field in Henningsvaer, NORWAY.

Let’s play among fascinating small islands. Watch this amazing aerial footage:


6. Tonciu Football Pitch ROMANIA.

A steam train rides through the football field in Jánošovka. How can the team play and the stadium attendance follow the match comfortably? See it in action on this funny video:


7. Solar Stadium in Taiwan.

The main Stadium of World Game 2009 in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) featuring a dragon shape and 100% powered by the sun thanks to 8,884 solar panels.

solar stadium kaohsiung taiwan
By Peellden – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

You can view a nice slideshow on inhabitat.com.



8. Allianz Arena.

Munich, Germany. The stadium during the UEFA Champions League Final 2012. Home of the FC Bayern Munich Soccer Club. The luminous exterior of the Allianz changes colours to suit the home team.

allianz arena


9. Estadio Municipal de Aveiro – Portugal.

Designed for the UEFA Euro 2004, this stadium will bring a flood of happiness to any eyes. Is your mood low today? It’s time to see a soccer match in Portugal.

estadio municipal de aveiro portugal
By Husond – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


10. Estadio Municipal de Braga, Portugal.

This stadium has been carved from the face of Monte do Castro. Can you feel the energy of the rocks?

estadio municipal de braga portugal
By Eduardo Souto de Moura – Braga Stadium 23.jpg, CC BY 2.0, Link


11. A desert pitch in Tinerhir, Morocco.

If you think it’s hard playing soccer in your courtyard, imagine how tough it is for people there. Next time you want to complain for something, remember Tinerhir.

Desert Pitch in Tinerhir Marocco
Photo credit: Evgeni Zotov Football via photopin (license)

Have you ever been in one or more of these places? Which one do you like more?

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