20 Unusual Accommodation To Make Your Holiday Alternative And Memorable


After a tiring and stressful period of work – sometimes even boring or awful – what’s better than a holiday? People always count the days to their next trip, and if it’s not ordinary it’s even better. Therefore, in the last few years the demand of unusual accommodations have grown for an alternative and unforgettable holiday that can let you feel far from the ordinary days and places, making the moment creative and exclusive.

That’s why people like you and me rediscovered the contact with nature, history and culture. By consequence, the business replied with unconventional solutions, adapting places once destined to other uses. In this way, you can really have the ultimate break from your routine and the options are vast and still growing.

In this article you will discover 20 unusual accommodations to make your holiday alternative, creative and memorable. When you stay in one of these places you may experience a peculiar holiday you will never forget.

1. Uninhabited old castles and ancient ruins

Uninhabited old castles and ancient ruins

This is a unique opportunity to feel King and Queen for a day or more, relaxing where once noble people were used to spend their life, among regal furniture and rich delicious food. These restored ancient buildings can let you live the fairy tale you’ve ever dreamt of.


2. Eco-friendly locations

eco friendly accomodations

Unused farms turn from rural and basic agriculture spaces into cool, original and charming accommodations. The building and rooms are made of environmentally sensitive materials to reduce the impact on our ‘delicate’ planet to the minimum, such as using beds made of straw.


3. Hobbit Holes & Houses

hobbit holes houses

Would you like to live like a character from the Middle Earth? You can stay in a mystical hobbit hole or house that will make you feel as if you are living in another world. What’s better than that to retreat from your everyday life?


4. Yurt Mongolian tents

yurt mongolian tents

Made of wood and fabric, and still used in central-Asia, this touristic and yet sustainable architecture brings you the atmosphere of the eastern culture, but with a difference: it’s rich of luxury. What was once seen like a weird, poor and old-fashioned location is now trendy and cool. In addition, most of them features a coverable hole on the top, so that you can sleep under the stars.


5. Gypsy caravans

gypsy caravans
Sarah Szwajkos

As a tourist you will live surrounded by the picturesque traditional Romany décor in colourful and distinctive gypsy caravans, wagons and trailers. They symbolise a way of life that has nothing to do with the modern world.


6. Abandoned railway stations and carriages

abandoned carriages accomodations

This is another solution that gives an original shape to your room and transforms a vehicle into a hotel. If you wish to experience a first-class holiday with nostalgia and style, this is the ideal accommodation for you.


7. Lighthouses


Do you like stunning panoramic views admiring the sunset over the sea from a perspective only few people can have? These unusual landmarks offer an appealing accommodation that also your children will like.


8. Glamping


This word is composed by the terms “glamour” and “camping”. People who decide to experience this kind of holiday can feel deeply in contact with nature, either in a wood, mountain, natural reserve or at the beach, but revolutionising it by adding luxury. Let’s define it “an enjoyable outdoor life with all the indoor comforts”.


9. Tree houses

tree houses

A truly memorable experience that let you live a fairytale-like holiday. You are making that children dream real, amidst leaves, branches and passing birds. You can dominate the world from above, enjoy a different point of view and go beyond the classic hut on a tree. Believe it or not, some tree houses come with a bathroom (what a thrilling experience is having a shower on a tree). It’s impossible to forget your holiday after climbing the ladder to your bed, touching the bark, smelling the leaves or, in some locations, having your breakfast served on a branch by climbing wood nymphs.


10. Towers & Forts

towers and forts accomodations

Another solution to experience history and mystery in a medieval atmosphere, but without being attacked by the enemies – Ed. If you don’t like the Middle Ages but still want to experience the ‘life from above’, you can spend your stay in water or radio towers specifically converted into exclusive hotels.


11. Igloos & Ice Hotels

igloos and ice hotels accomodations

These can be considered ‘cool’ accommodations in every sense of the world. They are constructed entirely out of snow or ice. And now you don’t necessarily need to go to the freezing Pole North: you can find them in many other places that have nothing to do with it, such as Romania, Switzerland or Japan.


12. Prison and jail cells

prison and jail cells accomodations

This is definitely an original solution to ‘lock’ your holiday night without the possibility for escape! For the occasion, prison or jail cells have been converted into comfortable hotel rooms, but keeping the original interior design. Some of them are even used as popular wedding venues.


13. Planes & Helicopters

planes and helicopters accomodations

For those of you who have always dreamt to visit and sit in the cockpit of an aeroplane (or helicopter), these accommodations will make your dream real, but without the need for take-off. You can experience this unique stay even if you are afraid of flying!


14. Themed

themed accomodations

These are definitely the best options to have a creative and funny holiday that will transport you into a total different and magical world or jump back in time either it’s the Wild West, the underwater world or the enchanted forest (just to mention a few -Ed.).


15. Old watermills or windmills

old watermills or windmills accomodations

Once they have completed their job, milling water and grain, these romantic accommodations will provide astonishing views for the more nostalgic of you, in a charming and calm atmosphere.


16. Boats & Boathouses

boats and boathouses accomodations

They are nice ideas to enjoy a slow and very intimate travel where you can’t avoid the deep contact with other guests and loving each other. From static sailing boats to mobile barges, you have plenty of offers. You may sleep on the calm waters of a lake or on the more challenging waters of the ocean. Whatever solution you choose, you will experience a real sense of peace and isolation that will keep you afar from your ordinary everyday life.


17. Buses & Coaches

buses and coaches accomodations

From old double decker buses to space age coaches with luxury sleeping pods, you can buy your ticket for a trip that won’t take you to the office of usual shopping mall. These converted vehicles will finally make a travel an exiting and relaxing moment, ‘miles’ away from your usual escapades.


18. Caves and Grottoes

caves and grottoes accomodations

They are a peculiar way to live like a caveman but with the comfort of the contemporary world. They can be ancient basements or spaces carved into the hill, but both will give you an unforgettable experience like no others.


19. Churches & Chapels

churches and chapels accomodations

They can be sanctuaries or converted churches or chapels, and they all offer beautiful sets that make your holiday unusual in beautiful historic and ancient venues.


20. Underground Bunker

underground bunker accomodations

For the first time a bunker won’t be used to protect you from a natural disaster or war, but to experience a sub-terrain life in a space adapted to enjoy a special holiday instead of surviving a tough life.

Human creativity is limitless and combined with technology it can create a long list of unusual, even weird accommodations that can revamp your holiday and an entire industry. In the next few years this list will be surely longer, offering more and more unconventional sets never seen before.

What kind of tourist are you? Do you prefer a classic hotel or an alternative location? Which one do you like most?


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