USA, Dogs Become UPS Drivers’ Best Friends And Their Encounter Is The Cutest Thing You See Today

usa ups drivers and friends dogs
UPS Dogs

For more than a century, UPS ‘has been bringing joy’ to any individual who receives a letter or pack. But today, humans are not the only happy creatures when they see a UPS truck. Someone else joined the club: fluffy loyal friends that everybody call ‘dogs’.

Over the years some UPS drivers realised that some dogs are really excited to see them arrived, along with the packs. They run towards them, they greet them and they have some fun, enjoying some cuddle or treat.

To make this cute things memorable, UPS drivers all around, opened a Facebook page, where they post pictures of dogs they meet day to day, for an amazing and heart-warming experience and vision you don’t want to miss.

Dogs bringing a present to the driver:


A dog ‘flying’ to reach his friend:


Dogs helping the driver…and getting paid in biscuits:



A dog not allowing the driver to take the package until it gets the ‘reward’:

Dogs really enjoying the driver companionship, showing all their affection and trust:




An entire family of cute puppies bonding to meet UPS:

And dogs are not the only ones having some fun:

Will they open a fan page for them too? Would you like it?

The ‘adventure’ continues on Facebook with a heart-melting photo gallery, where new photos are added day after day.

Thanks to these dogs, pets and animals in general, UPS drivers can revitalise their work and have more fun (pictures prove it with no doubts -Ed.). What do you think?


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