How Vasectomy Works and What Happens on a Man’s Body


Do you know what a vasectomy is? Did you know it’s a method of male birth control? Maybe you already know that, but have you ever seen how it works? This video will show you how it’s done.

The procedure requires a local anaesthesia. Then doctors start with making an opening on the skin. This hole will permit to bring the tube, that transfers the sperms, outside the skin. A small cut is made on each side of the tube and heat is applied to seal the end of the tube.
After that, doctors apply a titanium clip to one end of the tube. The two ends will not be able to meet again after the tube is subsequently cut. This is what is done to one testicle. The same procedure is repeated again on the second one.

This video will show you what happens to the male reproduction system before and after the vasectomy.

Are you afraid about the effectiveness, pains and long surgery? They state it is safe, effective, quick and painless. Would you do that on yourself? Do you think there might be valid and ethic reasons to do that? Should people be free to do it in any case? What’s more important to you? Next generations or your self pleasure?

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