Video Shock on The Lungs of a Smoker. 10 Foods to Eat to Clean the Lungs


We all know that smoking is bad, but we do not be aware until we watch videos like this ……..

Unfortunately the smoke is not healthy, and this is now known to all. But as long as a smoker does not see with their own eyes the effects that smoking can cause, you give up and continues to smoke. We decided to show you this shocking video, which displays a comparison of the lungs of a smoker capabilities with those of a nonsmoker. We think that even the most hardened smokers, after seeing him think for a moment before putting a cigarette in his mouth!

If you really can not stop smoking, at least try to clean up a little of your lungs. As? Well, here for you a list of foods that you should enter into your diet to cleanse your lungs.

1. Grapefruit: cleans effectively the airway.
2. Brazil nuts: are full of selenium and vitamin E, for this reason, they can reduce the risk of contracting lung cancer.
3. Onions: are full of antioxidants that clean toxins.
4. Water: Drink lots of water will make you nothing but good. It is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses a day.
5. Carrot Juice is in degrees of alkalizing the blood.
6. Ginger: removes the mucus caused by harmful products.
7. Herbal tea is an excellent natural antioxidant.
8. Cranberry Juice: fights and wins the bacteria that cause lung infections.
9. Pineapple Juice is very beneficial to the respiratory system.
10. Hot Water with lemon is ideal to drink it before breakfast.

It is understood that the ideal is to stop smoking!

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