How To Use Rice Straw Creatively And Make Giant Stunning Animal Sculptures Never Seen Before: The ‘Wara Art Festival’


gorilla sculptures of rice straw

In Japanese language ‘Wara’ means rice straw and it’s never thrown away but reused to feed animals or stabilise the soil in coastline areas. But there’s a city where people went beyond this normal use and made it an impressive art. Ladies and Gents, a big welcome to the giant straw sculptures that Niigata prefecture has been showcasing since 2008 in the annual ‘Wara Art Festival‘.

In this rural city, the rice straw leftover has been used for the last 9 years to create extraordinary massive animal sculptures that impress any visitors and the result is mesmerizing.


lion sculptures of rice straw



rhinoceros sculptures of rice straw



crocodile sculptures of rice straw

From far, the straw looks like a fur and the talent of the Japanese artists who create them (students from Musashino Art University) is astonishing.

If you are so lucky to visit Japan this month, take the opportunity to go to Niigata. The sculptures of the 2017 edition will be on display until 31st October 2017. In the meantime, you can follow these ‘genius’ on Facebook.

Credits: The Kid Should See This™ | Niigata City Nishikan Ward


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