The Weirdest Fishing Lure to Catch Big Female Fishes


Do you like sea, ocean, lakes, rivers, water creatures and fishing? Do you use special techniques or tools? Have you ever caught special fishes in unusual ways?

In the market you can find many weird-looking fishing lures. They may not look like anything a fish would eat, but they actually work, as if they can attract them in different and more effective ways.

So it happens that you can find, buy or create:

  • rat, mouse or frog shaped fishing lures;
  • fishing lures looking like strange creatures (from alien planets or sci-fi films);
  • duck lures (to attract muskies);
  • lures with a bizarre face painted on them (such as a skull or monster);
  • rusty lures;
  • colourful saltwater fish lures;
  • wooden lures;
  • lures made from spoon;
  • fishing lures made of corks and bottle caps;
  • and so many others.

Maybe the limit is just our imagination and all depends on how much we know the behaviour of the fishes we would like to catch.

But among all of the fishing lures we can find around, there is one that caught our attention because of its weird and, for someone, even controversial shape: the Penis Lure.
This non-traditional fishing tool is hand-made from wood, covered in real fish skin and hand-painted.

Did this man find a way to catch mermaids? Will he be able to catch only big female fishes?

Well, this is not just a concept design, but a really working tool and you can see it in action right in this video.

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