What Happens When a Tractor Host a Volvo 240 Turbo Engine


If you are reading this page, it means you like cool things … or just having some fun. But in the event you are among those who love tractors and, at the same time, speed racing, we are happy to show you the “vehicle of your dreams”.

This video will show you how an ordinary tractor can be transformed in a “street monster”, a “real must-have” for any farmer “always in a hurry”. Don’t get me wrong: “Fast & Furious” creators are not really planning to shoot in the countryside, but in any case they would decide to do that, this racing tractor would be one of the best candidates, wouldn’t it be?

This tractor has been souped-up with the “b21et” engine from Volvo 240 Turbo and is giving a lot of fun to its owner, rushing along the dusty country roads and performing burnouts and drifting. It’s been called “Traktor Racing Volvo Terror” and has even a dedicated Facebook page (although a bit not up to date).

So, after showing you the steam tractor and how it can climb a hill with the only power of wood, now you can think if it would be better to convert it in a “muscle car”, so that you can be sure to reach the tip of the hill and, eventually, the race track!

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