Why in Whitley County People Who Gained a Lot From Obamacare Voted For Trump?

obama and trump

There is a county in Southeastern Kentucky that has seen some of the biggest gains in coverage under the Affordable Care Act — but also voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. It’s well known that Trump promised to take away their health insurance. So why are they still supporting him?

Vox spent time there (in Whitley county) to interview residents and Kathy Oller (a very active Obamacare enrolment worker, who also voted for Trump) to understand why.

After a lot of time spent with her and locals, Vox discovered the truth behind that: over the years, the so convenient and accessible Obamacare – that made it possible for so many people to have a health insurance for their first time ever – stopped being affordable. With the premiums and deductibles gone up a lot over the past few years, people struggle to have coverege and they feel that Trump would fix this issue, making the “Obamacare” affordable again.

obamacare in whitley county

But is it real? Can it be possible? What does Obama think about that? Vox invited Oller to come to Washington, for the interview with Barack Obama. She asked him a question about the health care law — she wanted to know why the plans had become unaffordable — and received an eight-minute response.

Do you think Obamacare is now more positive than negative or vice versa? Is there really a problem or are people just “crying” for nothing? Will President Trump fix this issue to make people happy again?

You can read the full story on Vox.com.

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