Wikkelhouse: Innovative 100% Recyclable Cardboard House Costs €30,000 And Can Last You A Lifetime

wikkelhouse recyclable cardboard house

Would you believe you can have a fully functional house built only in one day and spending just €30,000? It’s not a sci-fi or fantasy film, it’s what some Dutch designers are doing in Europe, to offer anyone a cheap 100% recyclable house, but that can last you a lifetime.

This is the new stunning innovation by Fiction Factory: the Wikkelhouse. A house for you, wrapped with cardboard panels but made resistant thanks to a waterproof but breathable foil and wood panelling.

construction wikkelhouse recyclable cardboard house

We’ve already seen how polystyrene can be used to build amazing liveable dome houses. With Wikkelhouse the material is different but the innovation is equally amazing. This is a modular concept and the price is based on the configuration of segments needed. Are you worried about the size? You can make your Wikkelhouse as big as you want.

build wikkelhouse recyclable cardboard house


  • Unequalled acoustics;

  • No need of any foundation (according to the company, wind doesn’t represent a danger);

  • Optimal insulation qualities (no problems with hot or cold temperature);

  • 100% Recyclable;

  • Exceptionally strong construction;

  • At least 50 years of life cycle;

  • Three times more eco-friendly than ordinary houses.

inside wikkelhouse recyclable cardboard house

This cardboard house won’t be just a hut where your kids can pass some time over the week-end. It’s a complete sustainable house with a stunning design and complete with a shower, bathroom and kitchen: nothing is left behind.

The company aims to deliver it as a one-of-a-kind holiday home, guest house or office space, but it’s up to you what use you want to do with it.

wikkelhouse cardboard house

Thanks to the material, the atmosphere is incredibly warm and intimate. Due to its light weight (just 500kg per segment), you can place it everywhere (backyard, beach, rooftop), and personalise it based on your needs.

In order to keep the quality high, the company only builds 20 Wikkelhouse each year, so hurry up! For now, it delivers to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, UK and Scandinavian. So if you live elsewhere, be patient and wait for the cardboard to come to you. I suppose it’s not a matter of if but of when.

Would you live in such a house? What do you think the experience will be?

Credits: Wikkelhouse


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