Sex Workers Or Paid Girlfriends? Here Is What’s Happening In Nevada


It’s a hot and lazy day in Nevada (USA) and a single man, John Doe, thought to find some entertainment with a girl. No, he didn’t decide to get married, but to request a service from one of the legal brothels in town. But it’s not like you may think: the most requested and expensive service here is not necessarily sex, but companionship and intimacy. They call it “The Girlfriend Experience” (GFE). John Doe is just a man we invented, but the story we are going to tell you today is definitely real.

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If you feel alone today, here is the “temporary” girlfriend. Would you do that? Or do you think that love should go beyond companionship and shouldn’t have a price tag and be a mere service to buy? Here’s the truth revealed

They interviewed Christina Pereira, former sex worker – now studying for her PhD – and she told the full story in front of the camera. Most of her clients pay, yes, for sex, but they are actually looking for companionship and intimacy. And this is what they can find at some legal brothels in Nevada. This is the focus of Christina’s research now.

Christina used to work at legal brothels in Nevada. One of them is “Bunny Ranch Brothel”. Here the GFE is one of the biggest and most expensive packages they sell: basically a paid date.

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The women call the services they’re selling a “party”. Most of the clients are older men that really think the girls gave them the experience their wives never gave to them. A problem they are not able to solve with their family or just the will to have a faster and easier way to find an escape or excuse to cheat on their partner? I leave the analysis to you (we can’t judge, but we can reflect on our own life).

The reality is that some men/clients are so involved that they keep going for months, choosing always the same girls, as if they really were their girlfriend (they call themselves “the brothel boyfriend”).
It’s not even rare that when the girl retires, some men get depressed because their favourite girl is gone.

Watch this video to hear what Christina and other girls have to say about this high requested service (and the social need of … socialization, to defeat this new “plague” we can call loneliness – Ed.).

Imagine you have the same brothels in your town. Would you ever do this experience? Can we really consider a “sex worker” our girlfriend? Is this the evolution of legal prostitution? However we may call it, is this still adultery and lust?

Feel free to leave your comment below: your opinion does really matter.

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