World Solar Challenge: Students From Around The World Called To Create The Best Green Solar Vehicles And Travel 3,000km

world solar challenge 2017
World Solar Challenge

30 years ago, in 1987, a new challenge began. An event that would move people from all around the world and bring them to Australia. What was going on there is the greatest travel ever done on earth, with clever minds determined to design and build the perfect car for an innovative and totally environment-friendly race. Welcome to the World Solar Challenge where vehicles, powered only by the power of the sun, have to travel the outback, from Darwin to Adelaide.

This event takes place every two years and students form over 30 countries bond together to create the best solar vehicle that will travel 3,000 km.

world solar challenge 2017 desert
World Solar Challenge

The teams are composed by secondary and tertiary students and have achieved great results so far. Hopefully, they will create a better world with sustainable machines that will avoid the massive destruction our generation has been bringing to this planet – hence to ourselves and to the future (Ed.).

world solar challenge 2017 solar car
World Solar Challenge

This year again, from 8th to 15th October 2017, all the participants had to figure out how to manage the energy efficiently, so that they can complete the travel. For the purpose, they worked hard to design and build the most efficient electric vehicle that can cover the whole distance and the higher speed.

The results can be found on the official website along with the amazing photo gallery that shows stunning vehicles we’ve only seen in sci-fi films until now.

Do you think electric solar vehicles will be the future of travel and commuting? Do you like the designs? Would you drive one if available on the market?


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