6,000-Year-Old Wine Residues Found On Sicilian Prehistoric Pottery: The World’s Oldest Wine


worlds oldest italian wine

Do you like wine? How long time do you think humanity has been drinking it? Based on a recent discovery at least 6,000 years. This is the age of some wine residues a team of speleologists found on prehistoric pottery in a cave in Sicily (South Italy), near Sciacca, famous for its thermal waters.

In 1867 a wine bottle was discovered burred with a Roman noble, near the city of Speyer (Germany). Analysed by the Kaiser’s chemists during the First World War, it ended up to be 1,650-year-old (which means produced locally in 350 A.D.). The bottle is sealed with wax and contains a white liquid and you can see it in display at the Pfalz Historical Museum.

spepeologist and prehistoric pottery sicily

But after what was considered the world’s oldest bottle of wine, now researchers did more and may have discovered the oldest wine ever found on earth, dated back to 4,000 B.C. The team was led by Davide Tanasi of the University of South Florida, Center for Virtualization and Applied Spatial Technologies (CVAST) & Department of History. The amazing discovery is the results of years of combined analytical research on the remains found during a mission started in 2012 in two Sicilian prehistoric sites of Monte Kronio and Sant’Ippolito.

The unearthed artefacts contained some organic residues that showed traces of tartaric acid and its sodium salt, which occur naturally in grapes and in the wine-making process. The study was published on the “Microchemical Journal” last August 2017 by researches from the University of South Florida, the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Catania, the National Research Council-Institute of Chemical Methodologies (IMC), and Soprintendenza BB.CC.AA. di Agrigento.

prehistoric pottery in a cave sicily

The Italian team may have discovered the most ancient wine humans have ever drunk in the world. But how was the drink? Scientists still have to determine whether it was red or white. Hopefully, they will discover, eventually, what was the preference of the ancient Italians during their dinners or parties.

Credits: ScienceDaily


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