17 Metres Sandcastle In Germany Claims The New Guinness World Record


duisburg world's tallest sancastel

From stories to novels and films, everyone loves castles. They are charming, attracting, mysterious, powerful and massive. They are so amazing that probably anyone, at least once in his life, has dreamt to live in one of them or tried to build one on the beach.

In fact, building a sandcastle is so amazing that for someone it’s a real art, a masterpiece of sculpture that always leaves you astonished. I don’t know you, but I always wondered if you need to be an engineer to create such an impressive and perfect beauty. Building sandcastles is so fascinating that people even challenge each other to build the biggest and tallest ever existed.

world's tallest sancastle duinsburg

In fact, last 10th February 2017, an Indian artist achieved the world record with its 14.84 metres sandcastle on the beach at Puri, Odisha (India). The creator Sudarsan Pattnaik claimed the Guinness World Record at the time, but there is someone who did even better, breaking the previous Indian record…and they did it in a place without beach and sea.

A team of international sculptures (coming from 10 countries) gathered in Duisburg, Germany and astonished the audience with a massive 16.68 metres high sandcastle that took three weeks to build. Officially recognised last 1st September 2017, it’s now the new tallest sandcastle in the world and the design features architectural and cultural elements from all around the globe (an international artwork created by an international team).

germany world's tallest sancastle

People who are lucky to see the castle can admire a giant Buddha, the reproduction of the Colosseum, the Acropolis (the ancient Greek city), the Great Sphinx of Giza, the graveside of Elvis Presley, the Venice’s Rialto Bridge, just to mention a few. And all of this is made of 3,500 tons of sand.

Other talented artists will probably try to break the record with astounding creations and only time will reveal us how tall the next castle will be. We wish they could be indestructible and last forever, so that they can please us with the extraordinary vision. But we all know it’s just a dream, so it’s better to come back to sleep: maybe we will find ourselves in one of these magic castles…until we wake up again.

duinsburg sandcastle
Wolfgang Rattay | Reuters

Do you like building sandcastles? What’s the best you created?


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