Puppy Abandoned in a Shelter Becomes a National Hero in Japan

yumenosuke puppy

If you are reading this article you are a dog lover and maybe you own one or wish to. Whatever is your “companion” for life, you will be touched by the heartbreaking story of this Japanese dog. Abandoned in a shelter when he was a puppy, so close to death and then providentially saved by a humanitarian organization, now he travels the Country to save other people’s life and he is tireless. Is he trying to repay for the blessing received? We don’t really know, but let’s discover the full story.

Yumenosuke was just a puppy (4 months old) when he was abandoned and left in a shelter where they were ready to kill him. But something amazing happened that day in November 2010: some members of the “Peace Winds Japan” (PWJ) non-governmental organization were at the shelter that day and met the dog for the first time, almost ready for his “terrible execution”. Fortunately, the “deadly list”, that day, had an additional dog, and Yumenosuke death was postponed. What he didn’t know was that this postponement would have last forever. The members of the organization decided to adopt him, along with other puppies, with the aim to train them as rescue dogs.

yumenosuke training

This is how Yumenosuke (which translates in “Box of Dreams”) turned, from a scared expressionless puppy, into a national hero for the whole Japan. After a hard training of 1 year, despite his fears and mistrust due to the past trauma, the dog became a perfect “rescue machine”. In 2014 he participated in his first mission in Hiroshima (Asa-Minami prefecture), after a terrible flood and several landslides trapped the local people. That August 2014 Yumenosuke demonstrated his value finding and allowing to rescue a man trapped under wreckage. A true hero that even won a honour medal in 2015 for his effort.

The dedication of Yumenosuke is endless and limitless: not only he operates in Japan, but also travelled the world helping people in the Philippines in 2014 and 2015 (after a typhoon), in Nepal for five days (after an earthquake), in Kumamoto last month, just 11 hours after the first earthquake. People of Mashiki city are thankful to him for his tireless support during the rescue activities. Mugs, water, wreckage, blood, nothing can stop Yumenosuke and the rescue dogs like him, when it comes to saving people’s life. A real hope in a Country that kills 128,000 dogs per year.

yumenosuke in helicopter

So, how valuable is Yumenosuke? Let’s see him in action in these amazing videos, while he gives help in Kumamoto. Would like to do even more? You can visit the PWJ Facebook page where you can follow the adventures of these hero dogs. You can also discover how to contribute to the fundraising campaign to help the Kumamoto victims and build tents that will host the local animals and families.

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