This Innovation Can Build a Tunnel in Less Than 24 Hours


Zipper Truck Build Tunnels Fast

This is the so called “Zipper Truck” and it can quickly assemble tunnels and archways “like crazy”.

How does this “magic” work? It locks pre made concrete blocks which are designed to fit tightly together. A kind of Lego-like arch blocks. Thanks to this method, mortar is not necessary any more.

The main advantage of this tunnel-creating invention? Construction time is reduced by up to 90% and the traditional lengthy and tedious process is now just an old memory…wow, almost a miracle (Ed.).

For example, in less than 24 hours they can build up to 1,312 ft (400 metres) of a tunnel. Amazing, isn’t it? It is almost one foot per minute.

Using this technique, engineers can built highway and railway over/underpasses, tunnels, hurricane/tornado shelters, wine cellars, culverts, ditches, and creek crossings very fast.
“Zipper Truck” was custom built by Lock-Block Ltd. According to the company, they are able to create tunnels with openings very quickly with no permanent support work. This arch can be used as a mining reclaim tunnel or storage vault with top access. You can also have a look at other videos on their YouTube channel.

In the meantime, enjoy this video and discover the versatility of the “Zipper Truck” system and how it works in the real life.

Will this transform the planet into billions of tunnels…made in one night?


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